Version 2021

How to Filter and Drill in Your Heat Map Visualization

You can filter and drill on data in a single visualization, without affecting the data displayed in any other visualization. Drilling allows you to examine your data at different levels of detail.

If you are examining sales data at a regional level, you can choose to drill down to view the same data at the level of individual franchise locations.

Each visualization type provides different options for manipulating and exploring data. This section assumes you are analyzing data in a heat map. See Analyze Data for information about analyzing data in other types of visualizations.

To drill on or filter data in a heat map

  1. Open the dossier with the heat map visualization you modified in Allow a Visualization to Update the Data in Another Visualization.
  2. Select one or more rectangles in the heat map.

    Click on an individual rectangle to select it.


    Press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking on multiple rectangles to select them.


    Drag over an area of the heat map to display a lasso selector. Any rectangles that fall within the lasso are selected.

  3. Filter the heat map.

    Right-click the selected rectangles and choose Keep Only to view only the selected rectangles and remove all others.


    Right-click the selected rectangles and choose Exclude to view all rectangles except the selected ones.

  4. Drill on the heat map. Right-click the selected rectangles, choose Drill, and the attribute to which you want to drill. MicroStrategy Workstation adds the attribute to the Grouping area of the Editor panel.

    As you filter and drill in the heat map, note the corresponding changes in the grid.

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