Version 2021

How to Format Your Heat Map Visualization

After adding a visualization to a dossier, you can apply formatting options to enhance your ability to view and read the data.

To format a heat map:

  1. Select the heat map that you added in How to Create Your Heat Map Visualization.
  2. In the Format panel, select Data Exploration from the first drop-down.
  3. In the Layout drop-down list, select options to determine how the heat map's rectangles are sized and positioned.

  4. In the Headers drop-down list, select options to determine the location of the headers.

  5. In the Labels drop-down list, select labeling options.

  6. Select the Show Metric Values checkbox to display the metric value for each rectangle in the heat map.
  7. Select Legend from the first drop-down and select the Show legend checkbox to display a legend in the visualization.
  8. See Format Panel for Heat Map Visualizations to view all of the available formatting options.

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