Version 2021

Build Your First Dossier

This section provides steps to import data from a file, create a dossier with a heat map visualization, analyze and manipulate data on the visualization, and share your results with colleagues.

To build your first dossier:

  1. Open a blank dossier.
  2. Show or hide panels used to create and format your visualization.
  3. Import your data from a file on your computer or network.
  4. Create a heat map visualization using your imported data.
  5. Format your heat map visualization.
  6. Create a filter to limit the data that appears on your dossier.
  7. Add a second visualization to your dossier. Create a filter that allows the selections that you make in one visualization to automatically update the data in another visualization.
  8. Analyze your data by filtering and drilling.
  9. Save your dossier.
  10. Share your insights with colleagues by exporting your dossier.