MicroStrategy ONE

Install MicroStrategy Workstation

You can install MicroStrategy Workstation on a Windows machine.

You should have at least 5GB of space available when installing Workstation .

To install MicroStrategy Workstation, you need administrative privileges.

  1. Log into the machine where you are installing MicroStrategy Workstation.

    Before you begin, exit all applications which may interfere with the installation process.

  2. Navigate to the download site and download the Workstation installation files.
  3. Extract the downloaded files. When extracting the files, ensure that the extraction software maintains the folder structure of the compressed files. Most extraction software maintains the folder structure by default. To ensure the files are extracted correctly, select the Extract All option.
  4. Run the WorkstationSetup.exe file.
  5. A message appears asking if you want to allow MicroStrategy Workstation application to make changes to the computer.
  6. Click Yes. The InstallShield wizard loads.
  7. To change the default install location or select the shortcuts to create during installation, click Show Advanced.
  8. Click license agreement and review the terms of the license agreement.
  9. Select the I accept the terms of the license agreement checkbox and click Install.
  10. Select whether the installer should launch MicroStrategy Workstation.
  11. Click Close when the installation is complete.

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