Version 2021

How to Export Your Dossier

You can view a dossier's results, outside of MicroStrategy Workstation, by exporting it. After exporting, you can view and share dossier results in PDF format.

You can also share your dossier with others by saving it as an .mstr file.

To Export a Dossier to PDF

  1. Open the dossier you want to export.
  2. Choose File > Export to PDF.

    The Export to PDF dialog opens.

  3. Select your formatting options from the Export Contents, PDF Settings, Grid Settings, and Content Settings sections.

    For more information on the new Export Settings, see KB483778.

  4. Click Export.

In the Workstation Distribution Services plug-in, the This page option is represented by Last saved page, while This chapter corresponds with Last saved chapter.

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