Version 2021

Introduction to MicroStrategy Workstation

MicroStrategy Workstation radically simplifies enterprise analytics by bringing all key workflows into a single user experience. This allows enterprise BI developers and administrators to build and administer sophisticated enterprise and mobile analytics applications, at a fraction of the effort it traditionally takes.

Use MicroStrategy Workstation to:

  • Connect to multiple MicroStrategy systems
  • Create and browse projects
  • Find and work with dossiers, documents, reports, datasets, and so on
  • Create and edit dossiers that are stored locally or on a MicroStrategy server
  • Create and manage users and groups and set security roles
  • Manage content permissions (ACLs)
  • Schedule data sets for publishing
  • Certify dossiers, documents, reports, datasets, and so on
  • Share dossiers and documents by adding them to users' libraries
  • Get up and running quickly using the quick start page
  • Find answers, ask questions, and engage with our global community of MicroStrategy users on MicroStrategy Community

MicroStrategy Workstation is available for both Windows and Mac.

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