Version 2021

How to Create Your Heat Map Visualization

A heat map visualization is ideal for identifying performance patterns. Attention is drawn instantly to color-coded results and it is easy to understand the impact of multiple business performance indicators at a glance. A heat map visualization is a combination of nested, colored rectangles, each representing an attribute value, or element. You can add a heat map to a dossier to quickly grasp the state and impact of a large number of variables at one time.

A heat map visualization requires one attribute and one metric.

To Create a Heat Map Visualization on a Dossier Using Your Imported Data:

  1. Open the dossier you created in How to Create a Dossier.
  2. In the top toolbar, click Insert Visualization .
  3. Choose More > Heat Map .
  4. In the Datasets panel, double-click attributes and metrics to add them to the visualization.

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