MicroStrategy ONE

Using the Filter Editor

The Filter Editor enables you to create and modify filters for use on reports. Filters specify the conditions that the data must meet to be included in the report results.

Filter Editor contents

The Filter Editor contains the following:

  • The Filter definition pane is where you create filter qualifications, which are the actual conditions of the filter. You can create simple filters by dragging and dropping objects such as attributes, metrics, filters, and so on, from the Object Browser into the Filter definition pane.

  • The Object Browser allows you to navigate through the project to locate the objects to define the filter. It is located on the left side of the editor.

  • Shortcut Bar: is a customizable pane containing shortcut icons to commonly used folders such as My Personal Objects, Public Objects, and Attributes in the default group displayed as My Shortcuts. You can customize the Shortcut Bar by adding, renaming, and deleting groups and folders. It is also located on the left side of the editor.

    The Shortcut Bar cannot be displayed unless the Object Browser is shown.

  • The menu bar provides functions specific to the Filter Editor as well as standard Windows options.

  • The toolbar provides quick access to standard Windows functions and other functions specific to the Filter Editor.

For more information, see the following:

Accessing the Filter Editor


You cannot access any editor until you log in to a project.

Do one of the following:

To create a new filter

  1. In MicroStrategy Developer, select File, point to New, and then choose Filter. The Filter Editor opens.

  2. If you are using Object Templates, the New Filter dialog box is displayed before the Filter Editor opens. Click the Empty Filter icon. If you do not want this dialog box to be shown in the future, select Don't show this dialog in the future. Click OK. For more information, see The purpose of an object template.

For further instructions, see Steps to create a filter.

To modify an existing filter

  1. In MicroStrategy Developer, navigate through the Folder List to locate the filter to modify.

  2. Select the filter by double-clicking its name or icon. The filter opens in the Filter Editor.

For further instructions, see Steps to edit a filter.