Version 2021

Logical Gateways

You can enable users to sign in to web applications, such as websites or webmail, by scanning a QR code with the MicroStrategy Badge app. Click the web application below for integration instructions:

Web Application Login

After you integrate a web application with the MicroStrategy Identity Network, you can access Identity-enabled web applications by logging in to a single, centralized web portal. You can distribute the URL to this single sign-on web portal to the users in your Identity Network. For steps to access the Identity single sign-on portal, see Signing in to MicroStrategy Identity-Enabled Web Applications from a Centralized Website .

You can also sign in to supported SAML websites by using Web SSO Login through MicroStrategy Identity for Mac. This allows you to log into a website, such as Salesforce, by utilizing the Bluetooth connection between your MicroStrategy Badge app and Identity for Mac. For steps on how to enable Web SSO Login, see MicroStrategy Badge for Mac (10.7 and Older).

For background information and steps to configure security options for the web applications in your network, such as steps to enable or disable single sign-on to multiple web applications, see Setting security preferences for web applications.

For steps to change the display name or image shown on your web application's login page, update a web application's security certificate, and so on, see Editing and Deleting Web Applications from Your MicroStrategy Identity Network.

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