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Signing in to MicroStrategy Identity-Enabled Web Applications from a Centralized Website

You can easily access the MicroStrategy Identity-enabled websites or web applications in your network by logging in to a single, centralized web portal.

When you log in to the single sign-on portal, you are logged in to the SAML-enabled web applications that you integrated with your Identity Network.

To make it easier for users in your network to access web applications with MicroStrategy Identity, you can provide users with the URL of the Identity single sign-on web portal.

You have registered a web application in your Identity Network, such as Salesforce, Google Apps, Microsoft ADFS, and so on.
The single sign-on portal is available for Security Markup Assertion Language (SAML) enabled web applications. To find out whether your web application supports SAML, review your web application's third-party documentation.

To Access MicroStrategy Identity-Enabled Web Applications through a Centralized Web Portal

  1. Log into MicroStrategy Identity Manager.
  2. Click Logical Gateways.
  3. Click Single Sign On Portal. A QR code is displayed.

    You may have to deactivate your browser's pop-up blocker for the QR code to appear.

  4. Select from the following:
    • To view and sign in to the web applications in your network, scan the QR code with your smartphone using your badge from the associated Identity Network. Review the confirmation message on your smartphone, then tap Trust Once or Always Trust. A list of SAML-enabled web applications that are registered with your Identity Network is displayed, and you are logged in to all web applications on the list. To open a web application, click the name of the web application.
    • To obtain the URL of the Identity single sign-on portal, copy the URL from the address bar of your browser. You can distribute this URL to users in your network. Users who visit the Identity single sign-on portal can view and sign in to the SAML-enabled web applications in your network, by scanning the QR code with the badge from the associated network on their MicroStrategy Badge app.

Signing Out of MicroStrategy Identity-Enabled Web Applications

Users have the option of signing out of each web application one-at-a-time, or signing out of all web applications simultaneously. With either option, all relevant web applications must run within the same web browser. If one or more web applications do not support Single Sign Off, MicroStrategy Identity will notify the user which applications require the user to individually sign out.

If MicroStrategy Identity-enabled web applications are also running in another browser, the user will need to repeat the Sign Out process in that browser separately.

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