MicroStrategy ONE

Manage a MicroStrategy System from Web

Managing a MicroStrategy system involves a variety of common tasks, such as those related to managing your applications (including licensing, moving projects and objects, and so on); improving performance (including caching, scheduling, and so on); system scaling (including job prioritization and other performance-related settings); and monitoring processes. These tasks are generally performed using MicroStrategy Intelligence Server, MicroStrategy Administrator, MicroStrategy Developer, and MicroStrategy Web.

You can manage a MicroStrategy system from Web by using the following:

You can perform several administrative tasks from MicroStrategy Web:

Common project management tasks

How to Create a New Web-to-Intelligence Server Connection

How to Connect to an Available Intelligence Server

How to Specify Default Connection, Load Balance, and Timeout Settings

How to Determine What and Where Information is Logged

How to Create Logs to Debug API Issues

How to View Logs

How to Enable and View Statistics

Project user-related tasks

How to Establish Default Login Requirements for Web

How to Enable the Web Guest User Account

How to Create a User

How to Delete a User

How to Modify a User

How to Create a Group

How to Delete a Group

How to Modify a Group

How to Change Your Password

How to Change a User's Password

How to Configure Password Expiration Criteria

How to Assign Security Filters to Users and Groups

Creating a Security Role

Deleting a Security Role

How to Modify a Security Role

How to Assign a Security Role to a Group

How to Assign a Security Role to a User

The online help provides procedures to perform these and other, related tasks. For background information on any of these procedures, refer to the System Administration Help. Information on other administration tasks, such as assigning privileges for different editions of MicroStrategy Web products and enabling users to install MicroStrategy Office from Web, as well as a list of all privileges available in the MicroStrategy environment, is also included.

Monitoring jobs, user connections, database connections, caching, projects, and clustering using the MicroStrategy SDK

Using the MicroStrategy SDK, you can enable job, user connection, database connection, caching, project, and cluster monitoring in MicroStrategy Web.

For details and steps, see the MicroStrategy Developer Library, a part of the MicroStrategy SDK.