MicroStrategy ONE

How to Modify a Security Role

A security role is a group of privileges that let you assign a unique set of privileges to users on a per project basis. Security roles are created and maintained at the project source level and assigned to users at the project level.

You can modify which privileges are associated with a security role. For general information on privileges and steps to assign them, see the System Administration Help. See Privileges by License Type to view a dashboard that contains all available privileges in MicroStrategy.

You can create, delete, and modify security roles using the Security Role Manager.

To modify a security role

  1. Access the Intelligence Server Administrator page. (How?)

  2. On the Intelligence Server Administrator page, select Security Role Manager. The Security Role Manager opens.

  3. In the Actions column, select the Edit icon for the security role to modify. The Security Role Editor opens.

  4. Make the appropriate changes to the security role definition, as necessary:

    • To rename a security role, type the new name in the Name field. Make sure the name is descriptive enough that other administrators will be able to assign the role knowing what privileges they are making available to users.

    • Change the description of the security role in the Description field.

    • In the Available privileges list, select the privileges you want to be part of this security role, and clear any checkboxes for privileges you want to remove from this security role.

      • To see a description of each privilege, click on the privilege name. The description of the privilege is displayed at the bottom of the Security Role Editor.

      • To easily see the subset of privileges you have selected, select the Show selected privileges only checkbox.

  5. Click OK.