MicroStrategy ONE

How to Change a User's Password

There are many reasons for changing a user's password, such as security reasons, ease of remembering, adhering to company policies, and so on. You can change a user's password through the User Editor.

  1. Access the Intelligence Server Administrator page. (How?)
  2. Hover over the Properties column and click Open Intelligence Server Administration Portal .
  3. Click User Manager .
  4. Select the group that contains the user to modify.
  5. In the Actions column, select the Edit icon for the user to modify. The User Editor opens.
  6. On the General tab, enter the following information:
    • The password the user will use to log into MicroStrategy Web.
    • Determine if the user has the ability to change their own password.
      • If you select the User cannot change password checkbox, the password is set to never expire.
      • If you select the User must change password at next logon checkbox, you can specify if the password never expires or the exact time at which it will expire.
  7. Click OK.

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