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How to Configure Password Expiration Criteria

Using the User Editor, you can configure password expiration criteria. Many organizations suggest (or require) that you change your password periodically for security reasons. This functionality lets the Administrator enforce this security measure.

Password expiration criteria are applied only if the user is set up to use standard authentication and is allowed to change their password. Standard authentication is the default authentication mode. When a project source is configured to use standard authentication, users must enter a valid login ID and password combination before they can access the project source.

  1. Access the Intelligence Server Administrator page. (How?)
  2. Hover over the Properties column and click Open Intelligence Server Administration Portal .
  3. Click User Manager.
  4. Select the group that contains the user to modify.
  5. In the Actions column, select the Edit icon for the user to modify. The User Editor opens.
  6. On the General tab, determine if the user has the ability to change their own password. If the User cannot change password checkbox is selected, clear it and select the User must change password at next logon checkbox.
  7. Configure the expiration criteria in the Password expiration box.
    • Select Never if you do not want the user's password to expire.
    • Select Date/ # of days to have the user's password expire on a certain day using the following options:
      • Click the drop-down button. A calendar appears. Select the expiration date.
      • Specify the number of days within which the expiration takes place.
    • Specify the frequency (in days) at which expiration takes place.
  8. Click OK.

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