MicroStrategy ONE

Web Administrator Page

You can manage and configure MicroStrategy Web and its connections to MicroStrategy Intelligence Servers from the Web Administrator page.

You can perform the following administrative tasks from the Web Administrator page:

Common Project Management Tasks

Project User-Related Tasks

How to Access the Web Administrator Page

  • Windows: On your desktop, from the Start menu, select Programs (or All Programs), then MicroStrategy Tools, then Web Administrator. The Web Administrator page opens.

  • UNIX/Linux: After you deploy MicroStrategy Web Universal and log on to the mstrWebAdmin servlet using proper authentication, the Web Administrator Page opens. The default location of the Administrator servlet varies depending on the platform you are using. For information about deploying MicroStrategy Web or Web Universal, see theMicroStrategy Installation and Configuration Guide.

How to Access the Web Administrator Page from the Project Selection Page

A Go to the Administrator page link may be displayed at the bottom right corner of the project selection page. You can click this link to access the Web Administrator page. The link is visible:

  • When there are no projects available to select.

  • When you are logged in to a project as a user who has the Web Administrator privilege.


The top left side of the page displays the following main options under the heading "Web Server." These options are used to configure the Administrator Page:

Intelligence Servers


Security: Establish default login requirements, control the use of HTML and JavaScript, encrypt traffic, manage browser cache and session information, and more.

MicroStrategy Office: Determine whether MicroStrategy Web users are able to download and install MicroStrategy Office from MicroStrategy Web. For details and steps, see Allowing users to install MicroStrategy Office.

Widget Deployment: Deploy a widget downloaded from the MicroStrategy Widget Library, located at https://resource.microstrategy.com/Support/.