Version 2021

Format Panel for Sankey Diagram Visualizations

Once you add a sankey diagram visualization to a dossier, you can format it.


  1. Open an existing dossier that contains a sankey diagram visualization.
  2. Select the entire visualization or just the area you want to format.
  3. In the left toolbar, click Format .

Visualization Options

Template Choose to color by node or level and customize the color palette.

Layout Choose node alignment, reverse the graph, show level names, enable vertical scroll, and allow dragging of items.

Total Show totals on labels, adjacent or below the label.

Data Labels Show labels and set their alignment.

Nodes Set the density of nodes.

Minor Values Control the display of minor values on nodes and flows. This allows you to hide values smaller than a set value, as well as group values smaller than a set value.

Text and Form

Select options for text, nodes, and flow.


Select options for the title bar, fill, and border of the visualization container.