Version 2021

Report Data Options dialog box: Grid Graph Mode

The Grid Graph Mode subcategory allows you to specify settings for positioning the grid report on the screen and the percentage of the area covered by the grid report on the screen. In the remaining area, the report is displayed in graph format. The display settings for Grid Graph mode are report-specific.

This subcategory contains the following:

  • Grid Position: allows you to determine the position of the grid report, which can be Left, Right, Top, or Bottom. By default, the grid position is Left.

  • Grid Percentage: allows you to determine the percentage of screen area the grid report covers. By default, the value of Grid Percentage is 50%.

  • Minimum Grid Percentage: allows you to determine the minimum percentage of screen area that the grid report covers. No matter what size the grid report is, it will not be displayed in a smaller area than the minimum percentage you enter. By default, the minimum Grid Percentage is 25%.

    The value of the Grid Percentage should be equal to or more than the value of the Minimum Grid Percentage.

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