Version 2021

Report Data Options dialog box: Evaluation Order

Evaluation order is the order in which different kinds of calculations are performed by the analytical engine. The order in which data is calculated has a bearing on results. By using evaluation order settings, you can control the order in which consolidations, compound smart metrics, report limits, subtotals, and derived metrics are calculated and resolved for a given report.

This subcategory contains two sections:

  • Dataset evaluation order is the order for the entire report result. It lists compound smart metrics, consolidations, report limits, and subtotals.

  • View evaluation order impacts the particular view and is available only when objects in the view definition of the report impact the evaluation order. Derived metrics are always listed here. Subtotals and compound smart metrics are moved from the Dataset evaluation order to preserve their calculated results.

For more information, see Evaluation Order: Dataset vs. View.

Each section contains the following:

  • Name: Name of the object. Click Name to sort the column.

  • Evaluation Order: Click this column for each object to be changed and select a number from the drop-down list. The number represents the order in which the objects are evaluated, beginning with 1.

This subcategory also contains the following options:

  • Use default evaluation order: When this check box is selected, only consolidations are displayed in the Dataset Evaluation Order. You can therefore define the evaluation order only for consolidations.

    Clear the check box to display the consolidations, compound smart metrics, report limits, subtotals, and derived metrics in your report in the evaluation order sections, and define the evaluation order.

  • Set default: Click to reset to the default evaluation order. The default order is compound smart metric, consolidation, report limit, and subtotal. The calculation orders among consolidations are determined by their positions on the template. This button is available only if the Use default evaluation ordercheck box is cleared.

  • Advanced: Click to open the Advanced dialog box to move compound smart metrics from the view to the dataset. This button is available only when the View evaluation order is available.

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