MicroStrategy ONE

Using the Report Viewer

The Report Viewer is the display window that MicroStrategy provides for viewing and analyzing report results.

You must have Report Designer privileges to use the Report Editor and to see a report in Design view. To see information on another report view mode, see any of the following:

Before you use the Report Viewer, you should:

  • Know the types of objects used in reports

  • Know what types of manipulation can be done with each object type in a report

  • Understand the concepts associated with templates and filters

  • Be familiar with the concept of qualifications and their use

Report Viewer contents

The layout of the Report Viewer is described in Layout.

Accessing the Report Viewer

To access the Report Viewer, you must have privileges to access a report within a project.

  1. Log in to MicroStrategy Developer.

  2. Select a project that contains a report you wish to open.

  3. Navigate through the Folder List until you locate the folder where reports are stored.

  4. Open the folder containing project reports and navigate through it until you locate a report you want to open.

  5. Execute a report by double-clicking it. The report opens in the Report Viewer.