Interface AppTransform

    • Method Detail

      • initializeTransform

        void initializeTransform​(Transformable data)

        This method initialize the private and protected fields of the transform, such as width and height. It also invokes the initializeWebComponent, initializeImages and initializeCss methods.

        This method is automatically called from the transform method. Transforms which would like to invoke other methods in this instance directly (for example, to invoke some render methods), need first to call this method to guarantee that the Transform is ready to generate output.
        data - the bean to transform.
      • initializeWebComponent

        void initializeWebComponent​(Transformable data)
        Initialize the web component to be used by the transform.
        data - the bean to transform.
      • setIsDormant

        void setIsDormant​(boolean isDormant)
        Tells the transform whether the bone is dormant or not, in which case it should not receive event notification.
        isDormant - boolean
      • isDormant

        boolean isDormant()
      • setIFrameDisplayMode

        void setIFrameDisplayMode​(boolean value)
        Determines if the display mode should consider iframe request or not. A sample application of this logic will be to determine if the COMMENT HTML tags have to be generated in order for the response to be processed correctly by the iframe in the page.
        value - boolean indicating if the display mode of this transform should be generated for iframe manipulation or not
      • isIFrameDisplayMode

        boolean isIFrameDisplayMode()
      • setDisplayMode

        void setDisplayMode​(java.lang.String newValue)
        set the display mode used when the GuiComponent renders itself
        newValue - String the display mode: AppContext.DISPLAY_MODE_HTML - plain HTML AppContext.DISPLAY_MODE_JSON - the output will be wrapped up in a json structure in form of {id: id of the component, content: html content to be updated} or {id: if of the component, components: sub json blocks}
      • getDisplayMode

        java.lang.String getDisplayMode()
        get the display mode used when the GuiComponent renders itself