Class PromptsCreateReportContainerTransform

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      • PromptsCreateReportContainerTransform

        public PromptsCreateReportContainerTransform()
        Default no-args constructor. Invoke parent's class constructor to initialize all corresponding properties
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      • getExecuteButtonLabel

        public java.lang.String getExecuteButtonLabel()
        Changes the default label to be used by the 'Execute' button to Execute in View mode if isViewMode returns true, or Edit in Design Mode otherwise.

        However if the formal parameter executeButtonLabel is specified, it will use its value as the ID for a message in the Resource Bundle.

        getExecuteButtonLabel in class PromptsContainerTransform
        String localized message.
      • isViewMode

        protected boolean isViewMode()
        Determines whether PromptBean container has View mode active.
        This function assumes that container bean is ReportFrameBean. If that's the case, it checks its design mode property.
        boolean true is view mode is active.