Class TabPropertiesPictureTransform

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AppTransform, LayoutTransform, Transform

    public class TabPropertiesPictureTransform
    extends AbstractTabTransform
    implements LayoutTransform

    This class transforms a TabBean allowing users to view/modify the properties of an image control (for example, its source). As with other TabTransforms, this one assumes its TabManagerBean will take care of rendering the required HTML & Javascript allowing users to switch between different formatting TabBean instances.

    The output of this transform is generated in a single sections:

  • Source
    This section has its own render method.

    This Transform implements LayoutTransform, therefore its render methods can be invoked using a custom layout-xml. When this is the case, the layout-xml specified in the style-catalog controls which methods are called and in which order. Otherwise, the default output of this transform is divided as follows:
         Contents / ContentsBody
         |                                   |
         |  Source Section                   |
         |                                   |
MicroStrategy Web 8.0.0