Class DerivedElementTransform

    • Constructor Detail

      • DerivedElementTransform

        public DerivedElementTransform()
    • Method Detail

      • initializeTransform

        public void initializeTransform​(Transformable data)
        Overrides the initializeTransform method with type-specific initialization data. This MUST be overridden by any classes which extend this transform if they do not transform on a FilterElement object, because this initializeTransform method assumes that the Transformable passed to it is of type FilterElement.
        Specified by:
        initializeTransform in interface AppTransform
        initializeTransform in class ExpressionGenericTransform
        data - The object that is being transformed.
      • isEditable

        public boolean isEditable()
        This method is to return whether the expression should be considered to be editable or not. If this is true, then the transform may render the expression with editing capabilities. If this is false, then the transform should render the expression in a view-only mode.
        isEditable in class ExpressionGenericTransform
        True if the expression should be editable, false otherwise.
      • getAutoApply

        public boolean getAutoApply()
        Description copied from class: ExpressionGenericTransform
        Returns whether the auto-apply functionality is enabled. If this is true, the transform will render the GUI such that it expects that every operation will apply changes to the original expression automatically.
        getAutoApply in class ExpressionGenericTransform
        Whether auto-apply is enabled.
      • isUpdateManagerEnabled

        public boolean isUpdateManagerEnabled()
        Description copied from class: ExpressionGenericTransform
        This method can be overridden by child classes to signal whether or not to send all multiple event requests through the update manager. By default, this is false, meaning that the update manager should not be used.
        isUpdateManagerEnabled in class ExpressionGenericTransform
        True if the update manager is enabled, false otherwise.
      • hasCurrentElement

        public boolean hasCurrentElement()
      • renderElementName

        public void renderElementName​(MarkupOutput out)
      • checkDerivedElementType

        protected void checkDerivedElementType​(WebDerivedElement de,
                                               int type)
                                        throws java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException
      • getName

        protected java.lang.String getName​(java.lang.Object ob)
      • renderPreview

        public abstract void renderPreview​(MarkupOutput out)