Class PromptEditorJavaScriptBoneTransform

    • Constructor Detail

      • PromptEditorJavaScriptBoneTransform

        public PromptEditorJavaScriptBoneTransform()
    • Method Detail

      • getSupportedBeanType

        public java.lang.Class getSupportedBeanType()
        Description copied from class: AbstractAppTransform
        Returns the supported bean type. This abstract Transform supports all WebComponents so every sub-class should override this method to return the class of the Bean the Transform is expecting, for example:
         public class CustomReportClass extends AbstractAppTransform {
            public Class getSupportedBeanType() {
                //This Transform is expected to work only with a ReportBean,
                //therefore this method needs to return this class:
                return ReportBean.class;
        Specified by:
        getSupportedBeanType in interface Transform
        getSupportedBeanType in class AbstractAppTransform
        a root class/interface supported by this transform.
      • getDescription

        public java.lang.String getDescription()
        Description copied from interface: Transform
        Returns a textual description of the transform.
        Specified by:
        getDescription in interface Transform
        The textual description of the transform.
      • renderJavascript

        protected void renderJavascript​(MarkupOutput out)
        Generate the JavaScript code required by prompt editor for the proper behavior on the client. Extends the parent method by adding extra property values as well as the required library for it to work properly.
        out - MarkupOutput instance where the HTML output will be saved.