Class TemplateFilterExecXHTMLTransform

    • Constructor Detail

      • TemplateFilterExecXHTMLTransform

        public TemplateFilterExecXHTMLTransform()
        Default empty constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • initializeTransform

        public void initializeTransform​(Transformable data)
        Description copied from class: AbstractAppTransform

        This method initialize the private and protected fields of the transform, such as width and height. It also invokes the initializeWebComponent, initializeImages and initializeCss methods.

        This method is automatically called from the transform method. Transforms which would like to invoke other methods in this instance directly (for example, to invoke some render methods), need first to call this method to guarantee that the Transform is ready to generate output.
        Specified by:
        initializeTransform in interface AppTransform
        initializeTransform in class TemplateFilterExecTransform
        data - the bean to transform.
      • generateAnchor

        protected AnchorTag generateAnchor​(WebEvent event)
        Overwrites the parent method, by default the anchor information will include the typical level of information and the minimal state of the beans (no JavaScript)
        generateAnchor in class AbstractAppTransform
        event - WebEvent
      • getImageSrc

        protected java.lang.String getImageSrc​(java.lang.String action)
        Get the image source to display as part of the action button. This method is called only when the user has turned on Accessibility mode under Preferences.
        action - String indicating the ID of the action from where the source should be calculated. For example, values like tbRunTF, or tbRemove are expected
        String with the source to use for the image to display.
        MicroStrategy Web 8.1.1