Class TabPropertiesGeneralTransform

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AppTransform, LayoutTransform, Transform

    public class TabPropertiesGeneralTransform
    extends AbstractTabTransform
    implements LayoutTransform

    This class transforms a TabBean allowing users to view/modify general properties (like name, type, tooltip) of a control. As with other TabTransforms, this one assumes its TabManagerBean will take care of rendering the required HTML & Javascript allowing users to switch between different formatting TabBean instances.

    The output of this transform is divided into two sections:

  • Generic Properties Section like name, type etc.
  • Navigation Section, to enable hyperlinks on a control.
    Each one of these sections has its own render method. Furthermore each section generates individual settings which have been divided into their own render method.

    This Transform implements LayoutTransform, therefore its render methods can be invoked using a custom layout-xml. When this is the case, the layout-xml specified in the style-catalog controls which methods are called and in which order. Otherwise, the default output of this transform is divided as follows:
         Contents / ContentsBody
         |                                   |
         |  Generic Properties Section       |
         |                                   |
         |                                   |
         |  Navigation Section               |
         |                                   |
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