Class PromptsCreateReportTransform

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AppTransform, LayoutTransform, Transform

    public class PromptsCreateReportTransform
    extends PromptsClassicTransform

    The PromptsCreateReportTransform customizes the PromptsClassicTransform to use it within the Create Report/Document page.

    The changes mainly consist on controlling if the warning message with the:
    Before you can edit or save this report, you must answer the following prompt(s).
    message is displayed. It also changes the default message used for the execute button to Edit in Design Mode.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.3.1 or earlier
    • Field Detail

      • showSaveReportButton

        public FormalParameter showSaveReportButton
        Indicates whether or not to display 'Save' button.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PromptsCreateReportTransform

        public PromptsCreateReportTransform()
        Default no-args constructor. Invoke parent's class constructor to initialize all corresponding properties
    • Method Detail

      • getExecuteButtonLabel

        public java.lang.String getExecuteButtonLabel()
        Changes the default label to be used by the 'Execute' button to Execute in View mode if isViewMode returns true, or Edit in Design Mode otherwise.

        However if the formal parameter executeButtonLabel is specified, it will use its value as the ID for a message in the Resource Bundle.

        getExecuteButtonLabel in class PromptsClassicTransform
        String localized message.
        MicroStrategy Web 7.5.1
      • checkLevel

        protected boolean checkLevel​(int iLevelConst)
        Customized checkLevel function that overrides parent's behavior when formal parameter checkLevelustom is active.
        When requested, this function will change behavior and will return true if 'Warning header message' flag is on and ReportBean mode is set to View mode only. If checkLevelCustom isn't active, then normal checkLevel behavior will take place.
        checkLevel in class PromptsClassicTransform
        iLevelConst - level flag
        true means the level flag is included in the level parameter value
        MicroStrategy Web 7.5.1
      • canSavePrompt

        protected boolean canSavePrompt()
        Indicates whether or not end-user is enabled to save given Prompted Report.
        Useful to determine whether or not to displaye 'Save' button in Prompt page.
        canSavePrompt in class PromptsClassicTransform
        true if user has proper permissions.
        MicroStrategy Web 8.0.0
      • isViewMode

        protected boolean isViewMode()
        Determines whether PromptBean container has View mode active.
        This function assumes that container bean is ReportFrameBean. If that's the case, it checks its design mode property.
        boolean true is view mode is active.
        MicroStrategy Web 7.5.1