MicroStrategy ONE

Define the Primary Dataset for a Visualization

When you create a visualization that contains data from multiple datasets, you can determine which data is included in the visualization.

  • When a visualization contains both attributes and metrics, the data that appears in the visualization is determined by the metrics added to the visualization, then by the dataset defined as the visualization's primary dataset.
  • When a visualization contains only attributes, the data that appears in the visualization is determined by whether or not the visualization has a primary dataset. If the visualization has a primary dataset, only attribute elements included in the primary dataset appear in the visualization. Attribute elements that exist in other dataset do not appear. If the visualization has no primary dataset, all attribute elements appear in the visualization, regardless of the dataset to which they belong.

The primary dataset appears in the Datasets panel with a checkmark.

If no primary dataset is defined, the primary dataset is determined by the last attribute added to the visualization.

You can also manually define the primary dataset for a visualization.

  1. Open a dashboard that contains at least two datasets.
  2. Select the visualization to modify.
  3. Hover over the visualization and click More in the top right.
  4. Choose Data Source and the name of the dataset to use as the source. You can also select None to define the visualization as having no primary dataset.

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