Version 2021

Features Incompatible with MicroStrategy Web

Starting in MicroStrategy 2021 Update 6, new features are only available in the following modern products:

  • MicroStrategy Library

  • MicroStrategy Library for iOS and Android

  • MicroStrategy Application

  • MicroStrategy Workstation

Starting in MicroStrategy 2021 Update 6, new features added to the modern products listed above will no longer be added to MicroStrategy Web. MicroStrategy is still committed to fixing any regression or critical defects in MicroStrategy Web until a deprecation date is announced. Once that date is announced, MicroStrategy will follow the support schedule to provide time for users to plan and adjust.

If a user attempts to open a dossier in MicroStrategy Web or any embedded instance of MicroStrategy Web that was saved with a newer feature from a modern product, the following message appears.

For example, the entry point for configuring a transaction on a modern grid is hidden in MicroStrategy Web. If a user builds a transactional modern grid in Library and then attempts to upload the .mstr file into MicroStrategy Web, they see the message shown above.

To continue viewing the dossier in MicroStrategy Web, go to one of the modern products listed above, remove the new functionality, and save. Once the new feature is removed, the dossier is accessible on MicroStrategy Web.