Version 2021

Create Value Prompts

A prompt is a question the system presents to a user during execution of a dossier, document, or report. How the user answers the question determines what data is displayed when it is returned from your data source. Prompts also help speed up execution by reducing the amount of data that needs to be fetched.

Value prompts are useful when the result desired in the report is a single value, such as a specific date, a number, or a specific word or phrase. The value prompt is designed to return report results based on the data type assigned to the data in your data source.

Value prompts are typically used on a filter, where they become part of the filter’s definition, but they can also be used on a metric as part of the metric’s formula. The filter or metric is then placed on a report.

Value prompts can be created directly in the Filter Editor at the same time you create the filter in which you want to place the value prompt. When created this way, a value prompt is part of the filter’s definition and is not a standalone prompt, so it cannot be added to another filter.

  1. Open the Workstation window.
  2. Choose File > New Prompt.
  3. Select an environment and project.
  4. Select Prompt for a Value from the menu and select a type.

  5. Edit the predefined text for the Prompt title and instructions.
  6. In Answer restrictions, set the minimum and maximum values that can be entered by the user. You can specify a minimum value even if you do not specify a maximum value.

  7. To require users to answer the prompt before running the report, select Prompt answer required.
  8. To determine whether users can save and reuse their prompt answers, and if so, how many prompt answers they can save for the prompt, select Personal answers allowed and choose an option.

    Single Save and reuse only one prompt answer.

    Multiple Save and reuse multiple prompt answers.

  9. Click Save.
  10. Add your value prompt to either a metric or filter, depending on the type of value prompt you are using. Then, use that metric or filter in your dossier, document, or report.