Version 2021

Show or Hide Objects

You can view or hide objects in your projects, including folders and applications. This allows you to see a less crowded view of objects.

The Show/Hide setting is inherent to the object, which means other users’ visibility is affected once it is changed. Other users might not see the object, unless they have enabled viewing of hidden objects in their personal preferences.

There’s no need for a particular privilege to show or hide objects. Access and privileges to hidden objects do not change.

To show or hide objects:

  1. Open the Workstation window.
  2. Connect to your environment(s).
  3. Use the Navigation pane to locate the object you want show or hide. Click Dossiers, Documents, Cards, Objects, and so on to locate the corresponding objects.
  4. Right-click the object and choose Hide or Unhide.

To enable the viewing of hidden objects:

  1. Open the Workstation window.
  2. Choose View > Show Hidden Objects. All hidden objects appear as semi-transparent.