Version 2021

Manage Content Groups

Content groups allow organizations to send a collection of content to specific users or user groups, providing easier management of content distribution. These content groups are surfaced in the Library view and cannot be removed or edited by the end users. New content groups are synced and can be seen across all Library clients.

Workstation, Library, and the Intelligence server must be on version 2021 Update 5.

You must have the Manage Content Group and Publish Dossier privileges to create and edit content groups.

The Manage Content Group privilege can only be assigned to a user or group, and not a security role.

Check out the video below to learn more!

Create Content Groups

  1. Open the Workstation window.
  2. In the main navigation pane, go to the Content Groups tab.
  3. Select + Add Group.
  4. In the General tab, add a name and select a group color for the content group. This is how the group appears in the Sidebar menu.

    You can also choose to enable or disable the email notifcation.

  5. Go to the Content tab > + Add Content.
  6. Select dossiers or documents to add to the content group.
  7. Go to the Recipients tab > + Add Recipient.

  8. Add users or user groups that should have this content in their library by default.

    To grant view access to the users of this content group, select the Grant View Permission to all recipients of content from this group checkbox.

  9. Click Add.

  10. Click Save. Your new content group is automatically published to recipients.

View a Content Group

Once a content group is saved and published, recipients can view it in Library.

The username and password of the recipient(s) must be used.

  1. Open Library Web.

    Content groups are also available to view with Library Mobile or the MicroStrategy application.

  2. Log into Library Web using the username and password of the recipient(s).

  3. In Library Home, click on Library icon to view the Sidebar menu.

    View the Default Groups section with the new content groups available to you. This content is locked in your library.

Edit a Content Group

  1. In Workstation, go to the Content Groups tab.

  2. Right-click on a content group.

  3. Select Edit.

  4. View the application dialog and make changes.

  5. Click Save.

Add Content Groups to an Application

  1. In Workstation, go to Applications tab.

  2. Right-click on an application and select Edit or + New Application.

  3. Go to the Home Screen tab.

  4. Select Use the default Library home screen.

    Content groups can only be added to this type of configuration.

  5. Go to the Content tab > + Add Content.

  6. Select the previously defined content groups for the application.

  7. Click Select.

  8. In the Default Groups Section Title field, change the section name. The new name appears in the Sidebar menu of the interface.

  9. Click Save. The new content groups appear in the application.