Version 2021

Preview Feature: Manage Migrations

Migrations were introduced in MicroStrategy 2021 Update 4 as a preview feature. Starting in 2021 Update 6, this preview feature has been expanded to include the functionality shown below. You must configure the MicroStrategy Storage service to use this feature. This preview feature is currently only available for on-premises set up only.

Migrations are new workflows for the legacy tools, Object Manager and Project Merge wizard.

The project package type covers the workflow for merging projects.

Administration objects were formerly known as configuration objects in MicroStrategy's legacy products.

Migration packages enable content movement between environments and projects. There are three types of packages:

  • Object: Copy select objects with or without their dependencies between projects.

  • Project: Synchronize a large number of objects between projects.

  • Administration: Copy select administration objects with or without their dependencies between environments.

Use the Migrations section, on the Workstation window, to enable package monitoring and management.

Check out the following topics to get started: