Version 2021

Retaining page-by display when saving a report

When you save a report that contains the page-by feature, you can choose to either retain the currently displayed page-by selection with the saved report, or to revert to the original page-by display. If you save the current display of a page-by report, the next time you run the report it automatically displays the last page-by choice you made before you saved the report. This feature allows you to choose different criteria to view a report by whenever it is executed.

In instances where you want to view a specific page first, using this setting allows you to decide the initial page to display.

The default page-by saving method reflects the page-by setting designated for the entire project. This is usually set by a project designer.

To retain page-by display

  1. Open a report that contains page-by fields. (How?)

  2. Click the page-by field at the top of the report, and, from the page-by drop-down list, select the page you want to be displayed the next time you execute the report. The report refreshes, displaying the page of data you selected.

  3. From the Data menu, select Report Data Options. The Report Data Options dialog box opens.

  4. Expand the General category, and select Advanced.

  5. From the drop-down list called Retain page-by selections when you save this report, select Yes.

  6. Click OK to save your change and close the Report Data Options dialog box.

  7. Save the report and then reopen it. The page-by field you last selected is now the first page displayed.

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