Version 2021

Steps to set scale values for a graph report

  1. Open a report. (How?)

  2. If the report is not already displayed in graph view, from the View menu, choose Graph View.

  3. From the Graph menu, select Grids and Scales. The Numeric Axis Grids & Scales dialog box opens, from which you can specify scale values for the report.

  4. For each tab on the left edge of the dialog box, select tabs along the top edge as needed and fill in the necessary values. Make your selections as follows:

    • General, to specify the relative position of axes and labels

    • Scales, to specify the type of scale the graph is to display

    • Labels, to specify how labels and associated values are to be displayed

    • Numbers, to specify type, associated symbol, and abbreviation for numeric values displayed

    • Grids, to specify whether to show or hide gridlines

  5. When you have completed entering your selections for a given tab, do one of the following:

    • Click Apply to save the information without closing the dialog.

    • Click OK to save the information and close the dialog box.