MicroStrategy ONE

Viewing a report in SQL view

SQL view is usually of interest to a smaller population of your user community. When a report is run, the SQL generated by the MicroStrategy Engine and executed in the warehouse is displayed in this view, along with a variety of execution statistics. This provides a good way to troubleshoot and fine-tune reports.

If a report is switched to SQL view before the report is executed, the SQL might only detail a tentative execution plan (as opposed to the actual SQL that would be executed on the database) and also lack the corresponding statistics. This is because, in many instances, the MicroStrategy Engine can choose different paths depending on the data retrieved from the database. The Report details are also displayed in this view.

For any report, the SQL view shows:

  • Attribute elements included as part of the display

  • Tables in the database that provide row and column data

  • Types of aggregation performed on the data before it is displayed

  • Conditions applied to the data before it is displayed

  • Execution statistics

  • VLDB summary

  • SQL statements

To view a report in SQL view

  1. Locate and open a report that you want to display in SQL view. (For steps to run a report, see Running a report.)

  2. If the report is not already in SQL view, select View, then select SQL View to display the report in SQL view.

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