MicroStrategy ONE

Viewing a report in Graph view

Graph view shows report results after report execution, but in a graphical format rather than a cross-tabular or grid format. A variety of common graph types are available, such as:

  • Bar

  • Pie

  • Line

  • Area

  • Scatter

  • Bubbles

  • Radar

  • Polar

Typically, a graph report shows numerical values as points, lines, bars, or circles, and non-numerical data as reference axes. Thus, when a grid report is converted to graph format, the various cells in the grid give shape to the graph itself, while the column and row headings become the axes of the graph.

To view a report in Graph view

  1. Locate and open a report that you want to display in Graph view. (For steps to run a report, see Running a report.)

  2. Select View, then select Graph View to display the report in Graph view.

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