Version 2021

Evaluation Order: Dataset vs. View

The Dataset evaluation order settings control the order of evaluation for consolidations, report limits, compound smart metrics, and subtotals. Since all view manipulations that do not change the SQL generation are done after the base report is completed, they need their own evaluation order. The View evaluation order is available when:

  • Objects are on the Report Objects but not on the grid

  • A view filter is defined

  • A derived metric is used

These actions must include or affect objects on which you can set the evaluation order. For example, a consolidation on the Report Objects but not on the grid will activate the View evaluation order. Since a derived metric is, by definition, a compound smart metric, it always activates the View evaluation order.

Objects can be evaluated in either the dataset or the view, as described in the following table.


Evaluation Order



Derived metric


Report limit


Smart compound metric

Dataset or View:

  • Automatically set to View

  • Can be changed (via the Advancedbutton)


Dataset or View:

  • Automatically determined to preserve subtotal results


The dataset objects are evaluated first, and then the view objects.

Functionality/report manipulation is incompatible with evaluation order

When you move an object to the Report Objects, you will receive an error message if the action disrupts the evaluation order. The manipulation is not allowed until you change the evaluation order. For example, a report contains Year, a consolidation, and a compound smart metric. The metric is set to be evaluated before the consolidation. Move Year to the Report Objects. The error message is triggered because the evaluation order is set to calculate the metric first, but moving Year to the Report Objects moves the metric automatically to the view. Since the view is evaluated after the dataset, which still contains the consolidation, the conflicting actions cannot be resolved.

For additional information and report examples on dataset vs. view evaluation order, and in particular how consolidations are affected, refer to the appropriate topic in the Advanced Reporting Help.

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