MicroStrategy ONE

Sort Data in a Grid Using Multiple Objects

You can sort data in a grid using multiple objects.

  1. Select a grid visualization.
  2. In the Editor panel, right-click the attribute or metric to sort and choose Advanced Sort. The Advanced Sort Dialog opens.
  3. Click Rows to sort by the data in the rows.


    Click Columns to sort by the data in the columns.

  4. Select the attribute or metric to sort from the Sort by drop-down list.
  5. Select Ascending or Descending from the second drop-down list to sort the data in ascending (that is, A to Z or 1 to 100) or descending (that is, Z to A or 100 to 1) order.
  6. Click Delete to delete the corresponding object.
  7. The number in the Order column determines the order in which each object is used to sort the data. Drag a row to its new location in the list to reorder the objects.
  8. Click OK.