MicroStrategy ONE

Drill In and Out of a Grid

Drilling allows you to view data at levels other than those that appear in the grid. You can drill down, up, or across attributes and some metrics.

If your grid displays categories, you can drill from a specific category to that category's subcategories. If you drill down from the Electronics category, only the subcategories within Electronics, such as Audio Equipment and Cameras appear.

Drill on an Attribute in a Grid

  1. Select a grid visualization.
  2. In the grid, right-click an attribute or attribute element, choose Drill and the object to which you want to drill.

When you drill on an attribute value in a grid, you can only drill to objects within the dashboard's dataset that do not appear in the Editor panel. If all objects within the dataset appear in the grid, the drill option is not available.

Undo Drilling in a Grid

If you drilled on an attribute element, you can remove drilling from within the visualization as follows:

  1. Hover over the visualization to display the Filter icon in the title bar.
  2. Click Filter .
  3. Choose Clear "drill conditions" to remove a specific drill condition.

  4. In the Editor panel, replace or remove any attributes or metrics that were removed or added as part of the drilling.

You can also click Undo to undo drilling.