MicroStrategy ONE

Create Dynamic Links in a Grid

You can create dynamic links to use in a grid. Dynamic links appear in your dataset as a type of derived attribute.

  1. Right-click an attribute in the Datasets panel and choose Create Links.
  2. Enter a value in Link Name.
  3. Enter the text and/or attribute forms you want to appear in the grid in the URL Display Text area. To modify an attribute form, change the value after the @ sign.
  4. Enter the URL and/or attribute forms to use in the Navigate to this URL area.

    Your company has a website with pages for each region. The link you enter as the destination URL can access the specific page for each region. To do this, include the Region attribute ID form, as in http://www.example.com/{Region@ID}.htm. Enter dynamic text within braces { }.

  5. Click Validate for each field to verify its syntax.