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Security Role Manager

A security role is a set of privileges that can be assigned as a set to users and can be reused from project to project. Security roles enable you to assign a unique set of privileges to users on a per project basis. They are created and maintained at the project source level and assigned to users at the project level. For more information about security roles, see Setting Up User Security in the System Administration Help.

The Security Role Manager is used to browse the list of available security roles. You can edit or delete a security role by selecting the appropriate icon in the Actions column. When you edit a security role, the Security Role Editor opens.

Accessing the Security Role Manager

  1. Access the Intelligence Server Administrator page. (How?)

  2. On the Intelligence Server Administrator page, select Security Role Manager. The Security Role Manager opens.

Layout of the Security Role Manager

The Security Role Manager provides you with the following information about the security roles defined in the project source:

  • Name: The name of the security role.

  • Owner: Displays the full name of the user who created the security role.

  • Modified: Displays the time and date the last modification to the security role was made.

  • Description: Displays the long description of the security role, if one exists.

  • Actions: Edit and delete security roles by clicking Edit Edit or Delete X.

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