MicroStrategy ONE

Connect to an On-Premises Environment

You can connect Workstation to an on-premises environment.

  • An installation of MicroStrategy Library is required. See the Installation and Configuration Help for more information about installing and configuring MicroStrategy Library.

  • The .mstrc connection file provided by your administrator or the MicroStrategy Library URL for your environment is required.

  • Your MicroStrategy login credentials are required.

Setting Up a New Environment

  1. Open the Workstation Window with the Navigation pane in Smart Mode.
  2. In the Navigation pane, click Environments.
  3. Click Add New Environment Connection.
  4. Drag a connection file into the Add New Environment Connection window.


    Click Select a file to browse and select a connection file.


    Enter a descriptive environment name and the MicroStrategy Library URL.

  5. Click Continue.
  6. Enter your credentials.
  7. Click Connect.

Connect to an Existing Environment

Once an environment connection has been set up, it appears as an available environment.

Double-click on an environment to reconnect it.

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