MicroStrategy ONE

Add Panel Stacks to Dashboards

Panel stacks enable additional flexibility in analytics workflows, while optimizing the use of screen real estate. Panel stacks act as mini dashboard canvases and support all objects you can add to a page, such as shapes, visualizations, text boxes, etc.

Some benefits of using panel stacks:

  • Allows designers to be more economical with their dashboard layouts and unlock new avenues for creativity in free-form dashboards.
  • Self-service can be difficult because it requires authors to anticipate all needs. Panel stacks solve this by allowing authors to create all views up-front.

Check out the video below to learn more!

  1. Open a new or existing dashboard.

  2. In the top toolbar, click Panel Stack .
  3. Only one level of nested panel stacks is supported. We recommend using another panel or page for optimal usability.

  4. Click + Panel to add new panels.
  5. Select a panel stack and use the Format panel to display the tabs at the top or bottom of the panel stack.
  6. Choose none if you want to use panel selectors for additional design and formatting flexibility. In the top toolbar, click Filter , choose Panel Selector, and select the panel to target.
  7. In the example shown below, a panel selector allows you to select Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter.

  8. In the Layer panels, select a panel to add objects to it. For example, add a visualization to a selected panel by double-clicking it in the gallery. In addition, from the Layers panel, you can drag and drop existing visualizations and objects from the canvas into panels in panel stacks.
  9. Access the Format panel for each individual panel by selecting More > Format Panel or selecting in it the Layers panel.
  10. For each panel, you can choose to enable vertical scrolling, change the Layout mode between free-form and auto, and add a background fill and transparency.