Version 2021

MicroStrategy Storage Service

The MicroStrategy Storage service adds a local or remote repository for Library server. This component is required for extended features such as package migration. It provides the ability to integrate the database for Library clusters and access to shared storage systems so that non-structural data can be shared across different environments.

Components and Architecture

The following components are part of the Modeling service dependencies and architecture:

  • Workstation: Users can initiate filter, fact, and attribute creation workflow from Workstation, which communicates with the Library server. With the Storage service configured, users can migrate objects from the source environment to target environments.

  • Library server: A SPA (single page app) built on the MicroStrategy REST APIs for all communication. You can configure the storage service for a Library cluster through Workstation.

  • Storage service: One storage service is dedicated to one Library cluster to manage structural and non-structural data.

  • Shared storage system: A centralized storage system to store non-structural data for different environments. Starting in MicroStrategy 2021 Update 5, "file_system" and "S3" are supported. To enable the "file_system" choice, you can use a shared drive across all environments via mount or symbolic links. "S3" allows you to use an AWS S3 service authenticated by aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_access_key.

  • Intelligence server: Provides and saves the object definition by interacting with metadata to retrieve relevant information.