Version 2021

Create Email Subscriptions

MicroStrategy Workstation allows you to create email subscriptions through Distribution Services. You can select one or more dossiers, documents, or reports in a variety of formats, define a schedule and message, and specify settings for the subscription object.

  1. Open the Workstation window with the Navigation pane in smart mode.

  2. In the Navigation pane, click Create a New Project next to Projects.
  3. Choose an environment and project, then click Select.

  4. In the Navigation pane, inside the Administration group, click next to Subscriptions.

  5. Choose an environment and project, then click Select.

  6. In Name, enter a descriptive name for the subscription.

  7. From the Type drop-down, choose Email.

  8. To add content to the subscription, click in the Content pane. Select up to six pieces of content to add to one subscription, including dossiers, documents, and reports. The content must all come from the same project.
  9. In the Content pane, click More next to a dossier, document, or report to change the delivery format. Supported formats for attachments include .csv, Excel, PDF, plain text, and .mstr files.
  10. Choose HTML to send the content inside the body of the email. You can add the same content multiple times and choose different delivery formats for each.

  11. In the Recipients pane, select the recipients of the subscription.
  12. In the Delivery pane, choose from time-based schedule objects or event-based triggers. You can also choose an expiration date for the subscription in Stop After.
  13. Use Subject and Message to define the subject line and associated message body. In both the subject and message of the email, you can include macros that dynamically change based on the recipient, project, and other parameters. To choose from a list of available macros, enter {&.
  14. To adjust subscription-level settings, click . Here you can allow recipients to change settings or unsubscribe, set the contact security level, as well as choose the compression and zip file password for all non-HTML files.

  15. Enter a descriptive name for the subscription in Name.
  16. You can choose to Send the subscription immediately after saving.
  17. Click Save.