Version 2021

Saving a report

Depending on the components that make up your report, saving it can be as simple as clicking Save and Close, or as involved as deciding how to save page-bys, prompt answers, filters, and the report template itself.

If the report contains page-by fields, see Retaining page-by when saving before you save the report.

To save a report

  1. From the Report Viewer, do one of the following:

    • Click Save on the File menu.

    • Click Save and Close on the toolbar.

  2. The Save Report As dialog box opens. Select the folder in which to save the report.

  3. Type the name of the new report and click Save.

    When naming a MicroStrategy object, you must follow the naming convention rules for your particular database platform. Using a word reserved by your database platform can result in an error. Refer to your database documentation for a list of these database-reserved words.

  4. Continue with one of the procedures below, depending on the components of your report:

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