MicroStrategy ONE

Editing shortcut metrics

Shortcut metrics are a set of quick metrics you can create on the fly for a given report, based on the metrics already in the report. Different types of shortcut metrics are edited in different interfaces. Percent-to-total and rank shortcut metrics are derived metrics, so the Input Metric Formula dialog box is used to edit them. Transformation shortcut metrics are edited in the Metric Editor.


  • You need the Create Derived Metrics (MicroStrategy Developer) and/or the Web Create Derived Metrics and Derived Attributes (MicroStrategy Web) privileges. These privileges are part of OLAP Services.

  • You must have the MicroStrategy OLAP Services product to create shortcut metrics. If you would like to evaluate OLAP Services, contact your MicroStrategy Account Executive or e-mail MicroStrategy directly at info@microstrategy.com.

To edit a shortcut metric

  1. Open the report containing the shortcut metric.

    How do I open a report in the Report Editor?

    How do I open a report in the Report Viewer?

  2. Right-click the shortcut metric and choose Edit. The Input Metric Formula dialog box opens.

    If the selected metric is a transformation shortcut metric, the Metric Editor opens. Make your changes, save the metric, and then save and re-execute the report to see the changes in the metric. See Modifying existing metrics for more detailed instructions.

  3. To rename the metric, replace the text in Metric Name.

  4. By default, a rank shortcut metric performs an ascending sort. You can change the sort to descending by replacing True in the formula with False. The formula should now read <ASC=False.

  5. You can change the break by value of a rank shortcut metric by replacing the value in the BreakBy parameter, as shown below:

  6. You can change the attribute level at which a percent-to-total shortcut metric is calculated, by editing the values between the curly braces (that is, {}).

    For more information on levels, see About level metrics.

  7. Click Validate to confirm that the metric definition is valid for use by the MicroStrategy engine.

  8. Click OK to return to the Report Editor or Report Viewer.