Version 2021

Create a Comparison KPI

Use a Comparison KPI to indicate the progress towards an objective, like sales and goal.

Check out the video below to learn more!

  1. Open a dossier.
  2. In the top toolbar, click Insert Visualization .
  3. Choose KPI > Comparison KPI .
  4. In the Datasets panel, double-click attributes and metrics to add them to the visualization. A Comparison KPI requires two metrics.

  5. Once you have a Trend attribute, open the Format panel and choose the Trend Shape.

  6. Control the axis by synchronizing by metric or each card.

  7. Add a reference line to compare with a constant value.

  8. Format the reference line.

  9. Format the trend color.

  10. In the Editor panel, sort the cards by value from the metric or alphabetically from the attribute.