Version 2021


From the share panel, you can share your dossier, or specific pages of your dossier, using the following options:

Invite Users

  1. Select a page from a dossier in your library.
  2. Tap Share > Share Dossier.
  3. Select users or user groups and add an optional message.
  4. Tap Send.

Get Link

  1. Select a page from a dossier in your library.
  2. Tap Share > Share Dossier.
  3. Tap Copy Link.

Export Excel

This option only appears if you have a grid on the page.

  1. Select a page from a dossier in your library.
  2. Tap Share > Export to Excel. If only one grid is on the page, it will download.
  3. From the Range drop-down, choose either This page or Entire dossier.

    If This page is selected and there are multiple grids on the page, you must select the grids for export. Each exported grid will appear in its own sheet in Excel.

  4. ClickExport.

Share PDF

  1. Select a page from a dossier in your library.
  2. Tap Share > Export to PDF.
  3. Tap Export and Share.
  4. Customize the PDF export options.
  5. Click Export.

PDF Options

There are several export options you can choose prior to creating a PDF from your dossier:

  • Range: Select This page, This chapter, or Entire dossier.
  • Contents: Select All visualizations together, Each visualization separately, or Both.
    • Grid Settings
      • For all visualizations together, select the Expand all grid data checkbox to allow pagination of grids while preserving the reset of the page's text, images, visualizations, etc.
      • For each visualization on a separate page, choose Scale to page width or Extend columns over pages.
  • More Settings
    • Paper Size: Select your paper size. By default, Letter is selected.
    • Orientation: Select  Portrait or  Landscape mode.
    • Display Options
      • Table of Contents: Include the Table of Contents, with chapter and page names, to the first page of your PDF export.
      • Show header on every page: Display the dossier, page, and chapter name in a header for each page.
      • Show page numbers: Display page numbers on each page.
      • Show filters: Choose to show a summary of your filters at the top of each PDF page, show a comprehensive view of your filters at the end of your PDF export, or have both.

Download .mstr File

  1. From an open dossier, tap Share > Download Dossier.
  2. Select a recipient.

    You can then send the .mstr file to a contact, email, another application, or save it on your device.

Once you share the .mstr file, the file is no longer linked to the original data sources and is not updated.

Subscribe to Dossier

Create subscriptions based on dossier views.

Check out the video below to learn more!

  1. Tap Share > Subscribe to Dossier.

  2. Name the new subscription.

  3. Select a bookmark. You can select the current view of the dossier or another bookmark to create the subscription.

    Subscriptions are based on bookmark views. If the current view is not saved as a bookmark, creating a subscription with the current view will automatically add a new bookmark to the Bookmarks panel.

  4. Choose either Excel or PDF as the format of the subscription. The PDF option allows you to change advanced Attached PDF Settings.

  5. Select a schedule. Schedules have already been created.

  6. Add an optional note.

  7. In the Deliver to field, review recipients of the subscription. To add users, start searching by their name.

    By default, all MicroStrategy end users can create subscriptions for their own user. To add others to the recipient list, make sure the user has the "Web subscribe others" privilege. If you can add additional users, a new checkbox appears for Allow recipients to unsubscribe (optional). You can allow others to unsubscribe or not.

  8. Select the Send preview now to all recipients checkbox (optional).

  9. Tap Subscribe. The new subscription is created.

To manage subscriptions, go to Subscriptions in the sidebar menu of the MicroStrategy Home page or the information window of the dossier.